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Online Reading Lists -- further information

The online reading list service is a central access point for electronic copies of UCL reading lists. The online reading lists are linked to the Library catalogue (eUCLid) to enable you to check the availability of reading list items immediately. The online lists also provide links to electronic versions of journal articles where UCL has a subscription to that journal and links to other web-based resources.

How to use the lists:

Finding your reading list

There are two ways in which you can find the reading list for your course:

1. Searching the reading list system

You can search all of the reading lists available by using one of the following

  • Your module (course) title or lecturer's name. Use either the full title, or any keywords, e.g. european revolutions. Or, use your lecturer's surname
  • Your module (course) code. This will usually consist of a letter followed by 3 numbers, e.g. C122.
    N.B. More than one department may use a single course code

2. Selecting a department

By clicking on the name of your department, you will be able to select from all the lists for your department. These are organised by year of study. Click on your year of study to reveal all the courses for your year, the course titles and lecturer names will be listed.

Using your online reading list

The online reading lists are almost identical to the printed versions that your department supplies. They include all of the books, chapters and journal articles referenced on a list, plus any recommended websites or electronic resources. The online lists also have any of the notes that a lecturer may have added, for example, brief course descriptions or instructions as to which chapters of a particular book should be read.
If a reading list is long, you can use the list of headings or weeks at the beginning to jump to the relevant set of readings.

As mentioned above, the online reading lists contain all readings cited on the printed list regardless of whether they are available in UCL libraries.

  • Items that are available in UCL libraries will be followed by [Held by Library]. Clicking on this link will take you to the library catalogue record. From here you can check in which library an item is held, and whether it is currently available. To get back to the online reading list from here use the ‘Back’ button of the web browser (Top Left).
  • Items not held by UCL Libraries will have no link after them. You may wish to check the University of London Library catalogue or COPAC to find an alternative copy. In some cases a note will have been added to tell you where a particular item is held.

Where Library Services provide access to the electronic version of a journal there will be a link to take you to the full text version of the cited article. In some cases the journal provider does not allow links to specific articles so you will find a link to the journal homepage from where you can find the article you need to read.
Due to licence restrictions not all electronic journals are available off campus. To access those that are available off campus you will usually require a log in. Click here for more information on access and log in arrangements.

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Access to the online reading lists is restricted to registered UCL students and staff. To lists off campus you will need to use your UCL username and password.
Access to the online reading lists is available via the Library Services webpages or using the catalogue terminals located in the libraries. Please note that you will not be able to access electronic journal articles or other web based resources from the catalogue terminals, nor will you be able to print. You will need to log in to a networked PC using your UCL account to do this.

Copyright statement:

Please refer to the UCL Copyright Policy June 2002
UCL seeks to secure a free and perpetual licence to use academic and teaching materials (see UCL Copyright Policy, sections 2&4). Reading lists made available electronically via this service are for registered UCL members only. Lists should not be copied and circulated beyond UCL without prior consent from the owner.


The contents of the online reading lists represent the most recent list supplied to Library Services. While we endeavour to keep the online reading lists up-to-date, their accuracy and currency cannot be guaranteed; amendments may have been made since the electronic version was created. If you notice any inconsistencies please ask your lecturer to provide the Teaching and Learning Support Section (email: library-tlss@ucl.ac.uk) with an up-to-date version of their reading list.

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